Welcome to Blackrain Roleplay!

Who are we?

We are a dynamic group of role players who have come together to create amazing storylines. We have all been role playing for many years and have a lot of experience in creative writing. We have worked in many different genres, but our current project is in the area of medieval fantasy. We are mainly para role players, but we are not above helping people new to role play to advance their writing and role play skills.

Our current storyline can be found in more detail clicking HERE

But to be less complicated, we are a medieval fantasy kingdom. This kingdom is comprised of Blackrain Castle, where the current main family lives. We are not royal king and queen types, Cole and Raven Blackrain are the Lord and Lady of the entire estate, castle grounds, and the adjacent village; the Isle of Crows. Within the village are huts and small cottages for future villagers to rent as well as many role-playing opportunities such as market stall owners, tavern keeper, seamstress, fishermen, blacksmiths among many others. You can check the signs at the landing point of the sim if you are wondering what rental or role play openings we currently have.

You can play a human here as most villagers would be, but we are a fantasy medieval sim and would welcome other races including fairy, witch, mermaid (will list more as we sort that out)

Where we are located:

You can visit our role play sim in second life by going to this url:

What we do:

We have fun! But with a few simple rules. You can find that list of rules. No one likes to read a bunch of stuffy rules, but basically, if you can follow common sense, play fairly, follow the linden labs TOS and not bring unnecessary drama, you will fit in just fine.However

However here is the long version for you:

1. Please no god mod behavior without first discussing it with the player you are wishing to control their actions for. For new role players, this means not doing or saying anything FOR another player. If they have not had a chance to react to something you have said or done then it is unfair for you to react for them. You may often see some of us who have been playing together for years doing this, but that is generally because we have discussed the matter prior to the role play.

2. No Meta gaming. This means not using information that your out of character self knows, to help your character have an unfair advantage in the role play. This might mean you read a post on the forum and so now know a secret about another player, your character is then not allowed to use this information because while you know it, they do not.

3. No creating character that are "all powerful", this would include no god/goddess or demi-god characters but is also not limited to other characters who may hold some sort of magical power. If we find that you have created a character that does not have a realistic balance of strengths and weaknesses we may ask that you tone them down and bring more realism so that the role play is fair for everyone involved.

4. While we do allow all ages of characters to play here we have a few rules involving child characters. Child character are allowed in all areas of the village with the exception of the following: The tavern, the cave and the castle.

5. Any child character playing under the age of 18 will not take part in any sexual situations whatsoever.

6. While we are a fantasy medieval sim and will accept races other than human, please no furry avatars. Anyone wanting to play a non-human character will need to speak with a role play leader in order to determine if their character is a good fit in our story lines.

7. Combat rules? Health meters etc? We don't use them, if you want to work this sort of thing out on your own that's cool, but we don't use any specific huds or role play systems. We do use rp chatter here that has worked very well for us, so we would like to recommend that to you here:

However, please do not use the information on the hid to god mod and know things about someone that your character would not really know.

8. Clean up after yourself. You don't have to be in any group to rez on our land so you can rez things for your rp, as long as you don't go crazy, and if you are not renting a home here, that you pick it up when you are finished.

How to get involved:

Alright, so if this all sounds good to you and you would like to join us then please feel free to visit us or to IM:

Ellie Blackrain or Lyricalmelodies Resident in world and we will get back to you as soon as we can to answer any questions you may have.