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Post by Exu on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:16 am

We've got a lot going on here, so we've tried as best we can to simplify things for our readers.  

The Isle of Crows is a medieval village set in a fantasy kingdom that closely resembles life around the 1100 AD.  The village is mainly known for farming and fishing.  There is a large population of crows that have inhabited the Isle long before anyone can remember, and there is a lot of superstition among the villagers about this, mainly that causing any harm to them would cause very bad luck.  

There is a very extensive history that you can read here if you are interested.

Blackrain Castle History

You can always read what our characters are posting in their diaries to get a secret little glimpse into their lives, past memories, thoughts and innermost workings, it's like reading their minds, but less messy!
Character Diaries

The current Lord and Lady of the castle, are Cole and Raven Blackrain.  They have  6 children:  Lilith, (age 18), Kisaiya, (age 13), Joshua, (age 11), Cheyenne, (age 6) and twins Kaiya and Kyrie, (age 2).  The nursemaid/nanny of the family is Katie Goodwin, her family has served the Blackrain's for over 4 generations now.  

In our current story line, it is time for Lady Raven to chose her newest ladies in waiting.  This is a massive town event where the Lady of the castle will come down to choose three ladies from the local training school to serve her.  You can read about this event in this thread:

The Chosen Ones

Happening about this time as well, you will know from reading the history, that near the end of it, Raven has met Exu as he was sneaking in the library.  She has befriended him, and then while walking him home discovered how abusive his uncle is and has been.  Shortly after this, she kills his uncle, the whole matter is expertly covered up and no one really misses the man, not even Exu.  After this takes place, one night in the forest, Lilith spots Exu, and this is where they meet.  You can read about that storyline here:

Crash Into Me (Lilith and Exu's Tale)

And a more graphically violent side event can be read here:
What happens in the tavern, stays in the tavern

Sometime around 3 weeks after Lady Raven chooses her ladies in waiting, this bit of juicy fun happens in the forest.

Feigned innocence and secrets of the forest

And, right after that bit of sexy romance, Lord Cole takes Lady Raven into town, and this bit of story line continues here:

Diamond in the Rough

Please stay tuned as other current events will be added here as they occur.

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