Lyric and Tori's Backstory

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Lyric and Tori's Backstory Empty Lyric and Tori's Backstory

Post by Lyric on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:33 pm

Lyric was born in Creekwood. Her parents never seemed to think she would amount to much. She was too 'dizzy' as her dad would say. Her mother was a miserable woman, very meek and yet life seemed to disappoint her for not having turned out the way she wanted it to. Lyric used to sit for hours looking over fashion magazines, seeing what girls wore in the big cities where life seemed so much more glamorous. It never really occurred to her that they also had a lot more money than she had access to. But still, she would pour her hopes and imagination out over these magazines and dream about running a cute little shop. Of course she stopped talking about it to her parents, who would point out just how ridiculous a pretty pink fashion boutique would look in this run down dump.

At one point she had gone to a trade school half an hour away for about 6 months, but she dropped out when the classes seemed too fast-paced for her simple mind. She also had an odd quirk of fainting whenever she was overly anxious, stressed or otherwise and this got in the way more often than she liked to admit. But her time at the school had given her a desire to do something more with her life. There were plenty of open shops in Creekwood, and the mayor, some poor pathetic soul who felt sorry for this sleepy old town, also felt sorry for Lyric so it didn't take long for her to get a small business loan.

She named her store Babydoll, and used her opening funds to have several outfits made. But it was of little use, people in this town didn't buy the sorts of things she wanted to sell. So when a sudden surge of mysterious new strangers enter the town, she gets her hopes up that she might actually be successful.

Tori is Lyric's best friend. She didn't use to like her at all though. Tori is 2 years younger than Lyric and as a child was a major tomboy. Lyric used to make fun of her, finding her annoying when she would throw mud pies at her on the playground, trying to dirty up the small amount of princess-like dignity she tried to surround herself while wearing thrift store hand me downs. And she found her even more infuriating the year she started high school, the big one in the next town over, with kids who came from much nicer places, and when she had a few of those friends over once for a sleepover, Tori had toilet papered the entire outside of her house.

But they were older now, and Tori and Lyric had made peace with their childish feuding days. Once Lyric had realized that Tori was just trying to look cool with the boys and that she had other reasons for trying to be so tough, she kind of forgave Tori for the way she had treated her. Plus, Tori had introduced Lyric to her new obsession, vampires! Not real ones of course, both girls would shiver a little whenever they thought about them being real creatures, lurking outside their bedroom windows while they curled up watching Buffy or Trueblood on tv. But they would never suspect what was going to happen to them in the very near future, Lyric at least, would have passed out, at the very thought.

Once the MC gets to town, Lyric and Tori start hanging around and trying to figure these new visitors out, but still don't quite find out they are vampires, but just the alure of an MC with bikers is curious enough to make them try to flirt their way in, this town has been sleepy and boring for far too long and both girls are dying to stop working so hard to sell princess clothing to people who would rather wear overalls and stupid boots and have a little adventure as the town seems to come alive for the first time since before either of them had even been born.


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