Raven's Ascent. ~ Lady Raven's First night...

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Raven's Ascent. ~ Lady Raven's First night... Empty Raven's Ascent. ~ Lady Raven's First night...

Post by Lady Raven Blackrain on Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:42 am

The coach trundled its way up the gravel pathway towards the castle and Raven felt herself getting more nervous by the second. She had always been a fairly timid girl unless angered and now she was to be the Lady of the Castle...she had no idea how she was going to rule over these lands or even if she wanted to but she knew she wanted to be with Cole and that's all that mattered to her.
Raven readied herself as the coach came to a halt. She was about to take her new Husbands hand and step into a life that was completely alien to her and she felt a little sick - she knew her tower was still there to bolt to should she feel the need and she knew it would always be hers but this was to be her new home now so she straightened her skirts as the coachman pulled open the door and smiled as she saw her love waiting in a most gracious bow with his hand outstretched to receive hers.

She took each step at a time holding Cole's hand tightly and he rose, smiling at her and pulling her close, he kissed her and all of Ravens fears flew off like the ascent of a Crow.
Holding her hand aloft he walked her towards the castle to a long row of people waiting outside. Cole stopped at the first in the line and began introducing Raven to each servant in turn from the gardener and the cook to the Lords treasurer and the Scribe. Finally, he reached the last few in the line, three women stood giggling quietly and all three curtsied in time with a chorus of "Milady" as she approached. The women looked a bit older than Raven herself but were very pretty and smiled sweetly as Raven greeted them.
Cole explained they had been the 'Ladies in waiting' of his Mother and now they were to be hers. Once Raven heard this she was overcome with gratitude. These women were going to be there to look after her every need, be her companions when Cole was called away and hopefully become her friends and she felt at last that life here might not be as scary if she had 'friends' to keep her company.
She immediately forgot her graces and stepped forward rather excitedly hugging each one, in turn, much to the surprise of the women and other servants in the line. Cole laughed and pulled her back towards him "My love?" he laughed and dropped his voice to a low whisper "we do not 'hug' the servants". Raven was instantly mortified and apologized offering the women a smile instead.

Cole turned to the women and stifling a laugh addressed them "Good ladies, I think the Lady Blackrain is tired from her journey would you be so kind as to show her to the Royal chamber and draw her a bath? I will have Arthur bring up her belongings so you may dress her accordingly for dinner" all the women curtsied again with a chorus of "yes Milord" giggling at the mere fact that the handsome Lord had even spoken to them. Raven watched their reactions and almost giggled herself - she knew just how they felt as she too melted inside whenever Cole spoke to her.
The women motioned to Raven to come with them and Cole kissed her again watching as she giggling women ushered his love off to the chamber before he dismissed the rest of the staff and went with the Castle scribe to attend to some business.

Once inside the castle, Raven felt like she had walked right into one of the fairy-tales her Mother would tell her as a child. The huge rooms, the ornate carvings, the beautiful tapestries, the Library full of books that she couldn't wait to get her hands on. She followed them up the staircases as they chattered "you must be very tired Milady?", "did you travel well Milady?", "don't you worry Milady we are going to take good care of you!" - this last comment for some reason had them all exchanging glances and giggling wildly once more. Raven simply nodded to each question feeling overwhelmed but she smiled - the women seemed like cheerful souls and she liked them very much so far.

They reached the bed chamber and immediately the women began to buzz around. One went through a curtain and began filling the bath with hot water and scented oils, another began flitting around the room gathering towels and a robe and the last woman directed Raven to the bathroom where she began disrobing her. She removed Raven's coat and hung it up and began to untie her dress and corset. Raven blushed as she was undressed yet knew this was how the rich Ladies lived so thought she had better get used to it now. When she was naked the woman held out her hand and helped Raven step into the perfectly poured bath.

She laid bath and closed her eyes, the hot water felt so good around her and the scent of the oil was amazing. Suddenly she felt sponges being drawn softly across her arms and legs and she opened her eyes with a start sitting up and splashing water over the edge of the tub.
"Oh, dear Milady!" one of the women exclaimed as Raven looked around seeing all three women on their knees around her tub beginning to wash her with sponges. "No point in being shy now Milady, we're all girls here!" said another with a smile, the third woman chimed in too "oh yes Milady its our job to keep you happy and we get paid good coin to look after all your needs so you have to let us do our job or the Lord won't be very happy with us!". Raven smiled and replied "oh yes of course Ladies my apologies, it been a long day" she chastised herself for being prudish and tried to relax once more and allow the women to bathe her.

After a few minutes, Raven found herself relaxing once more....even enjoying the feeling of the sponges smoothing over her skin and the hot water trickling over her body. The women remained quiet as they worked gradually swapping their sponges for their fingers alone and trailing them up and down Raven's arms and stomach. Raven faltered a little but reminded herself that these women knew their jobs and assumed it was some sort of massage technique to aid relaxation.
The fingers traced over her body and Raven jumped a little as they reached her nipples, she felt herself blush again as they hardened underneath their touch and she started to open her eyes but a hand stroked her face "it's ok Milady ....it's completely natural to react that way just lay back and enjoy it" she swallowed and took a breath 'stay calm' she thought 'don't act like a child!'
Now fingers started to trail over her legs up to her inner thighs and the fingers on her nipples began to softly pinch them and roll them between their fingers. Raven let out a small moan and shocked herself, blushing again, but remembering the woman's words willed herself to stay still. The fingers on her legs began to brush over her pussy and she felt her eyes squeeze tight as she wondered how long she would have to endure this embarrassment, she yelped as she felt her clit being gently pinched, surely THIS wasn't right? what kind of relaxation technique was this!?
Suddenly fingers slipped inside her and pushed deep, Raven screamed jumping up and splashing water everywhere as she scrambled out of the tub and grabbed a towel to cover herself "COLE!!!" she screamed again and again "COLE!!!!"

Cole burst into the room "RAVEN!??" he yelled searching for her frantically. "I'M IN HERE!" she yelled back and Cole burst into the bathroom causing the women to drop to their knees in panic. "Lord we are sorry!" begged one of the women "we were doing as we do Milord!" cried another. Raven cowered in the corner clutching her towel to her, unable to cover everywhere at once and was immediately aware that this was the first time Cole had seen her naked - tonight was to be the first night they spent together in their marriage bed and it was meant to take place after their romantic dinner tonight, now it was all ruined and here she was naked and wet in the corner of the room, not romantic at all.
Cole looked at them furiously then turned to Raven, eyeing her body for a second a hungry looked crossed his face and then he remembered himself and grabbed a robe. He went to her and covered his wife - a gentleman to the last. "My love, whatever is the matter you are shaking? what did these fishwives do to you my sweet?"
Raven slipped the robe around her and allowed Cole to walk her to the bed and sit her down while the women hastily cleaned up the spilled water.
Shaking, Raven explained to Cole what had happened and watched in shock as he started to smirk and eventually break into a laugh. She stared at him open mouthed as he straightened up and began to explain "My sweet dark Raven..." he began in a gentle voice "your ladies were simply preparing you for your wedding night!" he stroked the hair off her confused and stunned face as he continued "what did you think ladies in waiting were for my darling?" he asked but Raven didn't answer she simply shook her head even more confused ...Cole smiled and explained "ladies in waiting are there for ALL of the Lady of the castle's needs....it is well known that ladies need ....um warming up ....more than men and they were just making sure you craved me as much as your beautiful body could, before you came to my side.....other times, of course, they would finish the job ensuring that you are, shall we say .....sufficiently sated if I am not around to do it for you but they are also there for you to play with as and when your heart...." his hand reached out and laid over her heart then trailed downwards under the robe and she gasped as his fingers slipped over her clit circling it slowly as he continued "or your heat desires...." Raven remained silent her mind whirling and his fingers making her wet all over again.....so she was MEANT to indulge herself with these women?? maybe it was Cole's fingers slipping over her clit or just his presence in the room but she felt suddenly turned on by the idea....she opened her mouth to talk but he placed a finger over her lips and then dropped his hand to her robe which he slid off one of her shoulders allowing it to fall and reveal her breast.
He bent his head and flicked his tongue over her nipple slowly laying her back on the bed, his fingers still working faster now on her clit as he clicked the fingers of his other hand to the women who were peeking around the bathroom curtain giggling softly and watching. They slipped into the room and came over to his call, curtsying, and he nodded to Raven who's eyes were now closed and was oblivious to the happenings due to the state of ecstasy Cole's touch had her in.

The women wasted no time and began to surround her pulling back the robe further and exploring her body with their fingers and tongues as Raven writhed on the bed no longer caring who or what was touching her. Cole smiled and watched the girls at work as his fingers slipped inside her and he pushed her legs further apart to see his wife in all her glory spread open on the bed.
He rose and kept his fingers thrusting slowly in and out of her as he grabbed the nearest girl by her hair and turned her face to his, slipping his fingers out of Raven he raised them to the girls mouth - Raven opened her eyes at their removal and watched as the girl licked her wetness from his fingers greedily. He looked down at Raven and smiled as he pushed the girl's face into Raven pussy and lifted her skirts up over her waist, speaking to Raven as he slipped his fingers inside her and the girl's tongue went to work on his wife's clit.

"You see my darling? ....these girls are trained to please you....these particular girls were my Mothers and still have a couple of years in them before you will choose more....they are your toys....your playthings and you will do with them as you will ....I do of course use them to please...." he suddenly rammed his fingers into the girl hard and she gasped "you" he continued smiling "but I will never enter them as I will my wife - they are purely for your entertainment.... he withdrew his fingers from the wench and smacked her ass hard leaving a welting red hand print. The girl screamed into Raven's pussy and she felt a sudden flood of her climax building as the girl's tongue seemed to lick harder and faster. Cole smiled and stood back allowing all three girls to descend on Raven's pussy like wolves on their prey fighting to get their tongues on her clit for the glorious finale of their Lady's climax.

Cole watched and smiled as Raven locked her eyes with his - three tongues flicking all over her clit and pussy fingers dipping inside her and feeding each other her wetness like desperately thirsty animals.
Raven could not stand anymore and she came hard feeling like she was exploding with sensations yet never taking her eyes from her Husbands for one second. The girl's tongues slowed now. licking her clean and kissing each other with mouths full of her juices and Cole smiled - he clicked his fingers and they immediately parted and stood at the sides of the bed as Cole slowly undid his belt and released his cock from his pants. He roughly parted Ravens legs and leant over her, brushing the hair from her face, slipping his hand behind her head and entering her then dropping his head to kiss her hard as he began to thrust inside her again and again as the girls looked on ....he pushed her legs up and fucked her harder and faster, kissing and biting her lips, holding her firmly and yet with such love Raven was taken out of this world and into the next as she came again and again until Cole could take no more and growled loudly as he filled her with his hot cum.

He lay on top of her for a few minutes kissing her and declaring his love for her then he brushed her hair away from her face once more and rose off the bed clicking his fingers at the girls. Immediately the girls dropped to their knees and making Raven gasp loudly began to lick the cum from their Lady's pussy. Cole smiled and headed for the bathroom to clean himself up leaving the girls to take care of his wife.

When he came back in Raven was sat on the bed in fresh underwear, she had been washed clean with water and soap and was having her hair brushed. Cole ushered the girls away and they returned to stand by the bed in line, he sat down beside Raven and took her face in his hand.
"I know all this is a big change for you, my darling, but you will learn to be in control of these girls just like you will learn to be in control of our lands and our people." he clicked his fingers again and the girls quickly lined up in front of Raven, Cole stood her up and standing behind her with his arms around her waist he whispered in her ear "take control my dark beauty, repeat after me..." Raven swallowed and was shaking slightly but she nodded and Cole whispered "turn around" ....she repeated after him in a meek tone "turn around, please" Cole squeezed her slightly and spoke louder "NO!....be stronger, my love, you are not asking them you are TELLING them TURN AROUND!" ....Raven felt a surge within her and she commanded loudly "TURN AROUND!" .....the girls did as they were asked and Cole continued "tell them to bend over and lift their skirts" Raven repeated him again but louder, feeling an anger rise within her and she wasn't sure where it had come from "BEND OVER AND LIFT YOUR SKIRTS!" the girls once again did as they were asked and as if in a dream Raven felt Cole slipping his riding crop into her hand, she looked down at the crop gripped in her fist and looked at Cole over her shoulder shaking her head slightly but he simply smiled and nodded.
Raven swallowed hard and took a step forward towards the three bare asses in front of her - she looked back at Cole and he raised his hand in a gesture towards them. She took a deep breath and raised the crop bringing it down hard on the ass of the first girl who yelled loudly as a red welt began to immediately appear across her smooth white skin. "thank you Milady!" she almost moaned as if she had enjoyed it. Raven stared at the girl's ass and felt a slight wetness begin in her underwear. Could it be that she was actually getting enjoyment from this herself? it was all so ...sordid, so debauched but she couldn't help herself walk towards the next in line and smooth her hand over the pure white flesh before bringing the crop down there too, "ahh thank you Milady" the second girl moaned loudly and Raven smiled looking back at Cole briefly who was smiling widely as she moved onto the last. Raven tapped the girl's thighs and the girl parted her legs to reveal the glistening wetness of her pussy.
Raven glanced at Cole again and he nodded, she reached out a hand and slipped her fingers over the girls wet pussy, pinching her clit hard. The girl let out a small scream and pushed her pussy out further almost touching the floor with her fingers now and Raven lost all control. She slipped her fingertips inside the girl and pressing the crop against her ass began to fuck her hard with her fingers. She felt the girls pussy squeezing her hand tightly and she knew the girl was about to cum, only then did she withdraw her hand and bring the crop down across the girls pussy, the leather tip hitting her clit hard. The girl screamed and fell to the floor, Raven was lost now, she grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her up onto the bed, throwing her down on her back and climbing on top of her with the crop still in hand. She ripped aside her panties and sat on the girl's face, grinding her pussy into the girl's mouth.
The girl fought, clearly scared now at the ferocity of her new mistresses attack but Raven was unrelenting, she slapped the girl hard across the face and brought the crop down again on the girls pussy behind her "YOU WANTED TO SERVE ME? NOW SERVE ME WENCH!" she commanded and the girl began to lick with tears rolling down her face. Raven bucked her hips against the girl's tongue and in seconds was climaxing like she had never done before her wetness ran down the girls face.
Cole paced up and down the chamber watching and smiling as Raven slowed her movements, he went to her and kissed her hard as she finished, lifting her off the girl into his arms where she lay spent. he nodded at the other two girls and they lifted their third off the bed and took her off to recover in the servants quarters, giggling and touching the girls red and hot pussy and admiring the damage Raven had done.

"well done my darling" Cole smiled "you have just performed your first act as Lady of the castle, now how about we get you dressed and attend our dinner?"
Raven looked at herself in the mirror, this new woman in front of her was beautiful and strong, commanding and very, very in control - she saw now what Cole had done for her - he had given her a gift, the gift of power.... "yes Milord, let us dine" she smiled.
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