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Post by Exu on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:15 pm

Well now that you have sat a spell
perhaps drank from our fine wells?
I'd like to invite you to meet our crew
The ones from who inspiration for our tales...
is drew.

Meet the characters! 36641292571_99f6b416e0_m

Lord Cole Blackrain
Current rp age: 39

Lord of Blackrain Castle and overseer of the Isle of crows
Married to Lady Raven Blackrain.  A quiet but firm and commanding personality.  It is often said that you may not always see his presence enter a room, but all feel it and give their respect.  A loving husband and father, adored by family, servants, and townspeople.

Meet the characters! 35972020603_9eac90ae49_m

Lady Raven Blackrain
Current rp age: 39

Lady of Blackrain Castle married to Lord Cole Blackrain.
A witch of the Morgana line, the first witch to be a lady of the Castle.  Many find her dark and mysterious unless they have gotten close enough to know her.

Meet the characters! 36641291991_67decd7ea8_m

Lilith Blackrain
Current rp age: 18

Firstborn daughter of Lord Cole and Lady Raven.  Has left home since age 16 due to an act of rebellion, caused mainly by not having received the magical abilities she should have from her mother due to a curse her grandmother placed on her mother on her wedding day.  She lives in the forest, occasionally sneaking glimpses of her family or leaving them small gifts.  She has a quick temper and is fiercely protective of her family.

Meet the characters! 36641292091_1b925a7815_m

Kisaiya Blackrain
Current rp age: 13

Second born daughter of Lord Cole and Lady Raven.  Since Lilith has left home she sees herself now as the oldest sibling.  She sometimes can take on a mothering role to the younger children.  She holds a lot of sadness inside for also not having been born with any magical abilities.  She loves books, reading and she soaks up knowledge like a sponge.  She also is fascinated by mermaids and any legends surrounding them.

Meet the characters! 36641292401_f42659cd1d_m

Joshua Blackrain
Current rp age: 10

The firstborn and only son of Lord Cole and Lady Raven.  A typical boy, being annoyed he has no brothers to play with so often teasing his sisters, but daring anyone else to do so would mean he would protect them at all costs.  Vivid imagination and sometimes found bossing servants about as if he is already in charge around the castle.

Meet the characters! 36641292621_2bf02821d4_m

Chey Blackrain
Current rp age: 6

Third born daughter to Lord Cole and Lady Raven.  The first child in the line that appears to have magical abilities.  Chey is quiet and often sitting alone thinking as if her mind feels a lot older than 6 at times.  Has always been very interest in what her mother does but had no idea until very recently why that is.

Meet the characters! 36641292321_c33a633a10_m

Kaiya Blackrain
Current rp age: 2

Fourth Born daughter to Lord Cole and Lady Raven.  Twin to Kyrie.  Due to an incident at birth now has a small amount of fairy magic in her.  She and her sister Kyrie are protected at all times by a body guard due to the dangers of having this fairy magic.  Being the older twin she sometimes takes on a more protective role over her sister even though she is only two minutes older.  She can be full of mischief and is known to draw Kyrie into it with her.

Meet the characters! 36641292041_cef37aa3f8_m

Kyrie Blackrain
Current rp age: 2

Fifth Born daughter to Lord Cole and Lady Blackrain.  Twin to Kaiya.  Due to an incident at birth, now has a small amount of fairy magic in her.  She and her sister Kaiya are protected at all times by a body guard due to the dangers of having this fairy magic.  Being the younger twin she often lets Kaiya take charge even during playtime, sometimes finding herself in trouble because she lets Kaiya boss her around a bit.

Meet the characters! 36641292221_402b89814c_m

Katie Goodwin
Current rp age: 38

The Goodwin family women have been serving the Blackrain family in taking over their children for generations now.  Both Katie's grandmother and mother served in the castle nursery for most of their adult lives.  So it only makes sense that Katie took over this role on her 18th birthday which was only days before their oldest daughter Lilith was born.  Having grown up with Cole and his 3 sisters, she often feels a sense of sisterly love for him and tries her best to take care of him and his wife Raven as well as their children.

Meet the characters! 36383390030_c0aab3b8f8_m

Lyric Christison
Current rp age: 19

Born to a religious family, one of the last that were not driven out of the town by the witch's destroying of the church.  She finds herself in the training school because her famiy has nothing else to give up to continue to live.  She comes across as innocent, but is happy enough that she may get a chance to make the Lady Raven happy.  She is just has not been informed how dark the things that may soon be required of her are.

Meet the characters! 36641291771_136800e899_m

Makenna Hurst
Current rp age: 19

Makenna's family has often been gossipped about for bringing some of the witch's revenge and hatred upon them.  Once more closely related to the Blackrain family and then driven out because of the legend of a greedy little girl who could not stop asking them for favors.  Makenna has unluckily been given the name of the little girl in the legend, almost as if by a cruel trick.  So now where ever she goes, calling her name out loud seems to anger both Blackrain's and Morgana's alike.  When she is selected by Lady Raven, she becomes terrified that this will mean very cruel treatment because of this mishap of her name and what it has stood for.

Meet the characters! 36641292531_70f969bc8b_m

Jalina Laghuri
Current rp age: 21

Future present for Lady Raven that Lord Cole brings back from his travels.  Coming soon to a Castle near you!

Meet the characters! 36641292471_a5967f99d5_m

Exu Baxton
Current rp age: 18

Stablehand's nephew, lover of books, occasional narrator of the story, unofficial bard.  And now falling in love with the oldest Blackrain daughter Lilith.

Humble Stablehand
Unofficial bard and occasional narrator

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