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Post by Lyric on Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:59 pm

It was a bright sunny day in the Isle of Crows.  It was as if even the sky knew that today was not a day to let a drop of rain fall.  When Lyric woke up and wiggled out from under the thin ragged blanket covering her she giggled softly.  Today was the day, THE day, that her whole life could change.  She kissed her parents' goodbye, it very well could be goodbye forever and even though she could see the sadness that they held back in their eyes, they also gently pushed her out the door in the strangest act of love and will to survive that there ever was.  

Many families often sent their most beautiful daughters to the training school once they came of age.  The dream that their child might live in what they would know as luxury was something most families could only dream about.  Lyric had been different.  From the time of being a small child people often remarked at how beautiful she already was.  When she blossomed into a woman they complimented this even more so.  She often got looks in the streets when she went to the market to buy things her mother or father needed.  People would whisper of how her large breasts strained the fabric of her dress in a pleasing way, or how her hips swayed when she walked.  

Lyric was oblivious to most of this talk though.  She was happy enough to see the smiles on people's faces when she passed and never wondered her head about what those looks might mean.  When she was selected to go to the training school, everyone took the news as common as a chicken laying eggs, "Well, of course, she will go, and the Lady Raven is sure to snatch up that beauty one day too!"  They would say, parents of less attractive girls said it with jealousy, but most who knew the girl, simply smiled as if it had been her fate all along.  It's not that she was a stupid girl, though some may have called her lazy.  She was certainly always sleeping when she was not doing errands for her parents.  It was more so than laziness that her mind just worked a little slower than others.  

But today her mind was rushing fast.  And so was her body.  She ran to the training school and into the special bath chambers there.  While at home she may have taken a bath once a fortnight if she was lucky, but here they learned to clean themselves to be fit for a queen.  So she sunk into the hot water, sighing happily as soap bubbles tickled her nose.  She could not stop thinking about what it would be like to be chosen.  She thought back to her lessons, all of them.  

She remembered how they had taught them that a lady in waiting would care for all of the Lady's needs.  There was one class, however, that Lyric had skipped.  The day they were to begin learning how to meet a woman's sexual needs, Lyric had seemed so confused.  Their teacher Miss Mirabelle, could not stop laughing at Lyric's innocent reluctance to lift up the skirt of her study partner.  After a while, she had patted Lyric on the head and smiled at her as she gently spoke.  "Don't worry dear Lyric, sometimes a lady likes to give these lessons herself, and you are so beautiful that she may forgive your lack of knowledge and show you herself what she wishes from you".  And Lyric had contented herself with that thought and put it almost entirely out of her head.

When she was finally dressed, her hair combed neatly, makeup and perfume adorning her nervous form, she walked out into the showing room.  Each little stand had a place for a girl to wait at.  It had her name printed in a neatly written script and placed so to be easily seen.  She held her breath when the door opened, thinking the Lady was here already, but it was just the town dunce girl, that darn Makenna!

Lyric never liked to be mean, and maybe it was not Makenna's fault that so many mean things were said about her family and her family's ancestors.  But it was spread all over that some relations to Makenna's family were once Blackrains themselves, and that they had done some horrible thing to make the witches in the area angry.  And there was also that children's story, what was it called?  Mardy Makenna!  The little girl in it was always asking and asking for more things from her witch friend.  And in the end, the witch cursed her and her name forever.

Why on earth did Makenna's parents even give her that name?  Nobody knew, but the poor girl never heard nor saw the end of it.  It seemed an almost sick joke that Makenna had also been sent to be chosen.  She was a hard worker, but not on the extraordinarily attractive side.  She was loyal and hardly ever late.  Lyric could not put her finger on why it made her feel uneasy that Makkena's stand was right next to hers.  She did, however, close her eyes and whisper a silent prayer that the unlucky girl's presence would not make her miss her chance at being chosen today.

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Post by Makenna on Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:18 pm

Makenna, never in the kingdom of Elysri was there a more unfortunate name to be handed out.  For as long as she can remember, she was the brunt of jokes.  If something unlucky happened, she was blamed for it as often as witches were.  In fact, some people gossipped that the reason she had been given that name was due to a curse.  And so the unlucky girl, or as they had nicknamed her, Mardy Makenna, wandered through life with that over her shoulder, being named after some rude distant relative and never even having had a chance to prove she was otherwise.

Her parents sent her to the school out of pure pity.  They knew she had no chance of being chosen, but felt that the experience itself would be more than the poor girl could hope for.  After she was rejected they would allow her to take part in the family trade, but they tried to lift her spirits somewhat by encouraging her in her lessons at the training school first and foremost.

It was a sleepy Makenna who had been running late, that slipped in next to Lyric.  She blushed and whispered under her breath to ask if her hair looked alright.  When Lyric nodded and gave a side curl a little prod back into place Makenna relaxed.  She wasn't hoping to be picked, she knew there was no way, the name card in front of her already spoke her fate, no one would want her for a lady in waiting.  But she could not help stealing little side glances at Lyric, who was easily the most beautiful girl in the room.  It was clear she would be one of the three girls picked that day and Makenna found that she smiled at the thought that at least someone who was honest and kind was getting what she deserved, even if it was something she herself, would never have.

Makenna jumped a bit, Miss Mirabelle was entering the room now and giving them last minute instructions. And then they all held their breath as they saw Lady Raven enter the room.

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Post by Lady Raven Blackrain on Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:38 am

Raven straightened her dress, pulled her shoulders back and raised her head like a true queen. Now used to all the pomp and ceremony of royal life, Raven smirked a little as she remembered the first time she had this duty to fulfil. How scared she was and how embarrassed that everyone knew what the girls she chose had to do for her. It made her cringe inside to think of all those people watching her pick out girls, it was like she was divulging what she desired to the entire village! but that was eighteen whole years ago now and nowadays she didn't even care anymore.
When she was first crowned queen she had inherited the girls that had belonged to Coles Mother and it had felt so weird to be using the same girls she had for the same reasons she did, but they had only a year of their duty left and it hadnt been long before Raven had been summoned to choose three girls of her own.
Those three girls had been good choices and had served her well but before she knew it their time was up and it was time to choose three more. Those nine years seem to have sped by too and Raven would miss her girls now they had returned to their familes in the village with fat purses, yet...she couldnt help feeling excited about getting to choose three more young beautiful girls to shadow her in the castle and see to her every need. It was like choosing new toys as a child and it wasn't like the first time anymore she wasn't shy or uncomfortable about the whole process she was confident and intended to milk the moment for as much as could before it was over for another nine years.

The girls mentor Miss Mirabelle waited patiently aside until Raven gave her the nod that she was ready to enter the room, then she curtsied with a "yes Milady" and tapped the door. Two guards opened the doors and Raven entered the room with her head held high.
The room looked just like it did the last nine years ago and as Raven walked along the short red carpet to the steps of the stage she noticed a few of the same faces as nine years ago too and smiled as she nodded to them, unlike all those years ago when she had dared not make eye contact with anyone.
Miss Mirabelle followed her up the steps and she could see the girls on the plinths nervously making eye contact with their mentor as they awaited the moment that could literally change their lives forever. Raven almost laughed when as she got closer their eyes returned to the wall in front of them and they all seemed to increase in breast size at least three or four inches as they pushed out their bosoms and straightened their backs.
It still made Raven wonder whether any of these girls had so much as had an interest in girls before their training and it seemed almost sad in a way that they gave themselves up the way they did just to live in a grand castle.
Still Raven didn't feel sad for long as she entered the centre of the stage and all the people cheered as she was announced. Raven waved majestically, smiled and nodded demurely to her people. The Dignitary of the occasion read his introduction from a scroll and began to garble on about the history of the "Lady's choice" ceremony and the tradition it held in the kingdom. The crowds listened in silence and seemed far more interested than she was.
Raven allowed her eyes to peruse her choices this year. When the training school began its process this group of girls would have been around thirty strong but then some would run away, some would be thrown out on their ear for some major misdemeaner and some would be sent home just because they didnt make the grade and couldnt be helped. The girls that were left were the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the most beautiful, the most obedient and the most pleasing. The loyal Miss Mirabelle would then choose her top five girls to accompany her to the ceremony and stand on the plinths knowing that two of them would be going home. It was a tense moment for the girls and once Raven had felt sorry for the losers but now she had hardened and realised they all knew there was a chance they might not be chosen, yet were content to take part in the process.
The girls this year were exceptional, it was going to be a hard choice to make but Raven would have a much better idea who to choose once she got to inspect them one at a time. She looked around the crowd as the history of the day continued to be drawled over the silence. Only adults were allowed to attend the event and after two previous experiences of the day, Raven now knew why. Of course, the first time she had to perform this duty she was far too shy to have done the job properly but before her second attempt, she had made it her mission to learn about the entire tradition before hand and had been much more confident and cared less about what people thought of her. She now realised that her people EXPECTED her to do the job correctly and that they would think nothing of her removing one of the girls dresses to inspect the merchandise more closly before making her choice, to have children present would have been unacceptable if this was the case.
The thought of removing the girl's clothes made her eyes dart back to her choices. A few of the girls had ample breasts and nice figures and considering this fact Raven already saw one that would be sent home ....although she, of course, intended to play with her first as was her right.

Suddenly the man's voice trailed off and he held out his arm towards Raven who stepped forward graciously as the crowd applauded. She hadn't been listening but she guessed it was time. She began to say a few words and thank everyone for attending as she saw Cole slip into the room and stand at the back with his squire whos eyes were big and excited at finally being allowed to attend this most sordid yet regal affair. Raven smiled at her husband and Cole smirked back wiggling his eyebrows and Raven nearly laughed out loud as she realised why he wanted to watch the event.
Raven finished her address and the crowd applauded again as she turned to Miss Mirabelle and nodded at her to lead the way to the first girl.
"Milady," she began loudly for the crowd to hear... "Paige Carter" she swept out her hand in the girl's direction and backed away like she was attempting a ballet move. Raven stepped forward and the dark-haired girl went instantly red and looked at the ground. Raven caught her chin and raised her head again moving it from side to side and looking at her face closely. "Hello Paige" she smiled and began turning her this way and that holding up arms and feeling her hair as she spoke to her "how did you like the training school paige?" the girl suddenly smiled and began to babble about how great it had been and how honoured she was....Raven purposely caught hold of both edges of her bodice and ripped them apart so suddenly that the girl yelped mid-sentence ..."Do continue..." Raven smiled and she cupped both the girl's exposed breasts and lifted them, flicking her nipples and making them harden, to see them in their most attractive light. Paige continued her dialogue while giving random squeaks at each pinch and flick but still managed to reel off how she felt like she was born for this role and how she had dreamed of it as a little girl.... all things Raven hated to hear. It felt like it had been written for her. "Lift your skirts" Raven commanded and the girl went even redder as she revealed her soaking wet pussy to the entire crowd of villagers. Raven smiled "You really DO want this don't you!" she laughed and the crowd laughed too. The girl looked mortified but her body could not act so innocently as Raven reached out and slips her fingers over the girls clit and circled them slowly....she let out a whores moan and almost dropped to her knees forgetting about the crowd and who's finger were pleasuring her. "ohhhh Goddess!" she screamed "More! more...don't stop!" and her hips started to sway against Raven's hand. Raven turned her eyes to Cole and raised her eyebrows in surprise and Miss Mirabelle darted forward apologising for her behaviour and picking the girl up to remove her from the stage moaning and dripping like a sex-starved animal. Miss Mirabelle wiped Raven's outstretched fingers still apologising and hastily went to the next girl. Cole was stifling a laugh and Raven was cursing him for making the whole thing even funnier when she was trying to keep a straight face.
"Milady, Jessica Tarney" she flustered still red from being shown up by her last student. Raven touched her shoulder and smiled "stop panicking Miss Mirabelle" she laughed "its perfectly fine" The teacher's shoulders dropped and she breathed out "thankyou Lady Raven" and curtsied. Raven turned to the next girl "I hope you have a little more self-control Jessica?" she laughed and the crowd laughed too. The girl smiled "yes Milady" and curtsied.
Raven began her inspection of the girl, asking her the usual questions while checking her physical attributes. The girl seemed nice enough, intelligent and polite, not over chatty and pretty enough but she just didn't feel attracted to her for some reason, and Raven couldn't figure out why. However, when Raven raised the girl's arms and looked at her hands they were rough and dry. they had clearly seen many years of hard work. She looked at the girl and smiled "Remove your dress please Jessica?" she asked kindly and the girl slowly undid the ties and let it fall to the floor. There was some quiet muttering from the crowd and Raven trailed her fingers down the girls back feeling the bumps of scarred skin beneath them. Miss Mirabelle seemed confused but Raven knew her eyes were not what they used to be and these scars were so silver and faded now you had to look closely to see them at all...they had been healing for at least a year....Raven suddenly realised that this girl had been in training for a year and this must have been what gave them time to heal ...this girl must have suffered a lot of abuse from the only living relative she had ...her father.
Raven bent down and raised the girl's dress up around her again and spun on her heel to face the crowd, scanning the audience for the girl's father. She cast her eyes upon him she had seen him around, he was the wheel maker from the village and he was as nasty as he was greedy with his money. The man suddenly realised what was happening and made a run for the doors. The people of the kingdom had become accustomed to Lady Raven's dislike of people who beat their children and stories had been told about the disappearance of the stable hand's father in her very own castle. None, of course, had ever asked her why it made her so angry, nor had they dared to but they knew it did.
Raven waved her hand at the doors and they closed with a slam in the scared man's face. She turned to Cole and spoke aloud from the stage..."My Lord? have this man arrested and taken to the marketplace where he will be flogged publicly until his scars resemble those of his daughter" she turned to the girl and wrapped her arm around her leading her off the stage. "Miss Mirabelle? This girl shall not be chosen as it seems to me that she has been through enough already and has simply been sold to appease her father's greed. Please see to it that she is given a place in our kitchens to earn her coin and somewhere safe to live" Miss Mirabeele took the girl kindly and led her to her assistant who was shooed off to fulfil the Lady's commands while the girl silently mouthed a thankyou to Raven and curtsied slightly. Raven smiled at her then turned back to the crowd with fire in her eyes "Let it be known!" she began "whoever in this land choose to abuse their children in such a way, will be punished accordingly!" She turned to Cole and he smiled back at her waving his hand to his guards who descended upon the man and dragged him off to receive his punishment. The crowd fell quiet as they watched and Raven quickly went back to the ceremony before the happy occasion took a sombre turn. "Miss Mirabelle? the next girl if you please?" she smiled.

"Milady, Lyric Christison" she smiled widely, partly because she was so touched by what Raven had done for Jessica when most Lady's would have just been annoyed that she had been brought to them in such a scarred state and partly because of how proud she was of lyric, easily the prettiest girl in the village with the sweetest nature.
Raven turned to meet the eyes of a buxom, blonde beauty with a smile in her eyes like Raven had never seen. She was open-mouthed for a sec before remembering herself and smiling "Hello Lyric, it's nice to meet you" and holding out her hand so the girl could kiss it.
Lyric took her hand and dropped a sweet tiny kiss on it as she curtsied politely "thankyou Milady, and its an honour to meet you too" the girl seemed nervous but smiled brightly and let out a half giggle as if she was scared what was going to happen but the fun just could not be contained inside her and it made Raven laugh. "well..." she began quite taken aback "you are a happy creature arent you?" she asked as she began to circle the girls form inspecting her curvy body.
Lyric giggled nervously again "yes Milady to smile is a blessing to make others smile is a gift!" she recited like a proud child who had just learnt how to spell Mississippi. Raven got the idea that Lyric had absolutely no idea how dirty that sounded and was quite oblivious to how people who HAD heard the innuendo in her quote, were laughing. she simply smiled and seemed like everything had gone right above her head while Raven looked on in astonishment and betted that this girl could make a crop fire disaster look shiny bright!
Raven stood in front of Lyric once again and looked at her huge breasts. The girl followed her gaze and visibly swallowed as she realised what was coming next. "May I?" Raven smiled as if she needed to ask permission. Lyric raised her hands to her corset for a second and looked at the crowd then closed her eyes swallowed again and dropped her hands, the smile fading from her face.
Raven took the laces of her corset and pulled the bow undone slowly until the corset burst open revealing a white linen petticoat underneath that was pulled so tight you could see the girl's nipples straining through the fabric. Raven brushed a thumb over one of the nipples and although the girl jumped she gathered herself and closed her eyes, hands behind her back as she waited for the inspection to continue with great poise.
Raven gently lifted the petticoat and slid it out from her skirts pulling it over her head and dropping it to the floor leaving her standing in her skirts and open corset. She licked her lips unconciously as she lay her eyes upon the girl's flesh that resembled cream it was so smooth and white. "you are a beautiful girl, I have no wonder why you were put forward for this position....however you seem a little inexperienced of a Lady's touch...." Raven placed her finger against her lips thinking hard and looking at the girl as if deciding what colour to paint her...Lyric opened her eyes and blushed hard when she looked down and saw her huge breasts pushing out of her corset in full view of half the village. She felt like crying and running and begging the Lady Raven to choose her all at the same time. The thought had just now occurred to her that all her life people were so sure she would have the position of Lady in waiting because of her beauty that she had not prepared for what she would do if she wasn't chosen. Suddenly she felt herself pushing her breasts out harder and willing the Lady Raven to inspect her closer in case there was something that could sway her mind towards choosing her.
Lady Raven still seemed to be considering her "hmm could always be taught though..." she stepped closer to Lyric and lifted her breast ...Lyrics eyes shut again at once and she felt a thumb brushing over her nipple again only this time with no fabric in between. The sensations Raven's fingers were causing her caused her nipple to harden instantly and she felt shamed and squeezed her eyes tighter but all that did was make her senses all the sharper and the feeling even more pleasurable. A small gasp left her lips and she frowned at herself and almost went to cover herself with her hands again but she wanted the title of Lady in waiting so badly she bit her lip and allowed the Lady to continue.
Raven smirked to herself and looked over her shoulder at Cole and gave him that "hmm we might have one here" look. She loved her girls to be a little shy and scared even, sometimes she even liked them a fight a bit and she was getting this vibe from Lyric. She nodded at the next girl in the line and beckoned her closer, suddenly pushing her towards lyric and putting her lips to Lyrics nipple, which she did gladly. The next girl's tongue flicked over Lyrics nipple and she smiled as Lyric opened her eyes with a start and tried to stop her. Raven simply threw her a glance and lyric dropped her hands again allowing the girl to torment her. Raven reached out and ran her fingers over lyrics eyes and they closed once more "shhh now girl..." Raven whispered "no one is going to hurt you....I simply want to see how your body reacts" ....she unclipped the girls skirt and let it fall to the floor and reveal Lyrics shaven perfect pussy glistening with the tell tale signs of desire. "very nice Lyric" she praised and took a step closer, bending a llittle to get a closer look. Raven gently prised her legs apart and opened her pussy with her fingers. there was a murmur from the crowd of appreciation for some and 'I told you she would be a favourite' from the rest. Lyric was making a whimpering kind of noise now half from shame and half from desire. her eyes were still closed though when Raven looked up and she wondered how much more she could take before she gave in to the pleasure.
Raven tapped the other girl on the shoulder and directed her to move her tongue from lyrics nipple to her pussy which she did eagerly and raven held her pussy open and watched with interest as the girl's tongue circled her clit and lapped at it as if it were covered in honey. Lyric was beside herself now and the crowd watched silently as the blonde girl moaned louder and louder and wriggled her hips against the mousey girl's mouth. Raven suddenly slipped her fingers inside Lyric and began to fuck her hard and fast while slowly straightening her stance. She placed her mouth next to Lyrics ear and whispered: "you are very pleasing Lyric....just one more test now and if you complete it you will win your place...." Raven slipped her fingers backout and to her clit where she pinched hard so the other girl could flick her tongue over the little, trapped bud of pleasure between her fngers. "when I give you the order Lyric you will cum for front of all these people and your family who watch from the crowd will show me there is nothing you won't do to please my every desire and then you will stay. do you understand?" ....Lyric never opened her eyes she was too scared that she would lose the sensation and be once again be too inhibited by the eyes of the crowd to go through with what she knew she needed to do...not only to get the job but also so she didnt lose control and fuck herself right there on the stage and be dragged off like the first girl. She simply nodded with closed eyes and spoke "yes Milady" her word Raven pulled open her legs widely and pushed one leg up into the air holding it there and giving the girl (and the crowd) full access view of her pussy. she pulled her pussy apart and the other girl descended on it like she were a lion with its prey, licking and sucking that pinched clit with everything she could until lyric started to shudder and buck her hips screaming "Please Milady!" Raven smiled ...she liked this girl she was the perfect blend of shy and slutty and she was stunningly gorgeous ...yes she was going to have this one ...."cum for me lyric" she whispered and the girl opened like a floodgate screaming with pleasure and grinding against the girls mouth as glistening juices ran down her inner thighs.
The crowd started clapping and hollering and lyric opened her eyes with a start suddenly remembering they were there and that her parents had just seen everything ...she covered herself with her hands and blushed brightly as she regained her composure and dreaded what her parents would say but much to her surprise when she found them in the crowd they were smiling and giving her 'well done' gestures as if she had just won a prize. The whole thing was surreal to her yet she knew that many people here had probably witnessed this many times and was perfectly viable to them that this would be how a girl would be tested for such a high profile position within the castle.
Suddenly she felt a sense of pride well up inside her and though she picked up her skirt and covered herself she found herself smiling ....if the Lady had been telling her the truth then she was to be the first chosen Lady in waiting for the next nine years of her life she would live in a lush castle and have the best of could she not smile?
Raven stepped forward and a maid dashed out with a flannel to cleanse her hands. Raven looked over to the royal official waiting in the wing and nodded, he took down the girls name on his scroll and nodded back. Lyric was now officially the first girl to be chosen and there were only two spaces left for the lucky girls chosen to fill them....there was also only two girls left after the first two were taken out of the running so the crowd were also celebrating for the last two girls sure that they now HAD to be chosen.
Raven moved on to the next girl and Miss Mirabelle looked very nervous. "Milady, Makenna Hurst ...maybe our hardest worker we've ever had in our training school" she smiled weakly as if offering a reason for why the girl was there at all.
Raven knew that name.....she couldn't find the information in her head but she knew it was there. She walked up to the girl who only moments ago was face deep in Lyrics pussy and she narrowed her eyes..."I know your aura" Raven stated to the girl now frozen before her. "and I know your name Makenna....tell me why?"
Makenna stammered and stuttered out the tale of her ancestor and the Morgana family's dispute all those years ago while Raven listened thoughtfully. At the end of her dialogue, Makenna looked nervous and remained silent staring down at her feet. She was sure that she was about to feel a lightning bolt hit her at any moment and had begun to wonder why she worked so hard to get here when it was obvious Lady Raven would never choose her.
Raven watched her closely as she pondered the dilemma before her. On one hand, she had heard the story before and had grown up with an inherited anger towards this girls name, how could she want to be around her?....on the other hand, she could feel good using this one to play out her darker desires guilt free. After all its not like she chose the horrible name herself and she was pretty sure that she herself had ancestors in the past that did terrible things and she wouldn't want to be held accountable for their wrongdoings. Her mind made up she, at last, spoke "I will not allow the past to sway my decision girl but just like any other girl I shall allow my inspection to" she paused as an idea came to mind then smiled as she continued..."I am yet to test a girl for shall we say fulfilling my more...specialised...needs. and since I only have two girls left and you have already pleased me once assisting me with the First girl then I would like to see what else you are capable of." Raven leaned forward and whispered into the girl's ear "take off your clothes Makenna" and the girl visibly jumped and began shaking. Raven frowned "why do you shake girl? you didn't seem to show any shame when you descended on Lyrics body like a hungry leopard yet now you are acting like a shy, terrified mouse? are you trying to make a fool of me girl?" Makenna looked mortified and shook her head vigorously "no Milady I swear" she stammered "I don't like to do that....I...I..I mean....I did after a while but normally...I mean...usually...I would never... I just wanted to...well to please you Milady" she trailed off slowly when she realised that she had begun to babble herself in deeper. Raven laughed loudly and the crowd smirked at each other nodding in agreement that she had ruined her chances. "so you mean to tell me, girl..." Raven began still laughing "that you did all that because I told you to and you just wanted to do it well?" the mousy girl nodded and blushed looking down at her feet "and that while doing it you actually started to enjoy it?" the girl nodded again and Raven laughed out loud once more. "So not only are you a hard worker, you are also extremely obedient and eager to please? well Makenna...take off your clothes and let us see if you pass with flying colours my last test for a full house shall we?"
Makenna nodded and looked around the room of jeering men and women as she removed her clothes. Her breasts were not as impressive as Lyrics but were ample and made Raven want to see them covered in red hand prints and though she was a slight girl she had curves in the most important areas. Raven walked around her once and came to face her again. "not a stunning but acceptable body and fairly pretty" she nodded to herself "open your legs girl" Raven commanded and the girl as she was told. Raven turned to her husband and addressed him "your crop Milord?" she asked sweetly and smiling cole gestured to his squire to give her his best riding crop. She took it from him and smiled at cole again as she turned back to the girl and stepped in front of her running the crop up the inside of her legs. She teased the girls pussy open with the tip of the crop and allowed the tough leather to flick over her clit as she gently pressed the lips open then quick as a flash she brought it up hard on the girls pussy. Makenna screamed out and two attendants stepped forward and took arms holding her firmly.Raven reached out and caught the girls clit in her fingers pinching it hard as the crop tapped out light patterns all around her pussy and her mind began to whirl. The sudden whip hurt badly but this? this was making her wet and Makenna felt so ashamed at her bodies betrayal that she began to cry and struggle a little, which only seemed to light Ravens fire even more.
The next whip came this time across her bare breasts and she screamed again as she felt the after sting spreading like fire across her skin. Raven's fingers were nipping and pulling at her clit and the pleasure mixing with the pain was the strangest thing Makenna had ever felt. each whip seemed to make every other touch feel ten times more sensitive and Makenna was beginning to enjoy the sensations. Suddenly hands spun her around and pushed down her head till she had to hold her legs to stop herself tumbling forward. More hands pulled her legs apart and the crop came down again and again on her smooth pale behind and her already burning pussy. She screamed mercilessly and the crowd began chanting a number with each whip of the cane counting the strikes of her misery in glee. Suddenly fingers were roughly shoved inside her from behind and she gasped as they started to slide in and out, although still no kindness was shown, Makenna felt relief that the pain as it was before had ended and compared to that? this was heaven. She felt a climax sneaking up on her rapidly and she began to whimper like a puppy and beg Raven to allow her to cum. Hands began to pinch her nipples and pull back her hair as Lady Ravens fingers kept their rhythm and Makenna no longer cared who the hands belonged to "Pleeeease Milady may I cum for you?" she begged but her plea was ignored....just as she reached the edge that she was so scared to fall over, the fingers slipped out of her and a huge slap connected with her bottom.

"I like this one!" Lady Raven's voice proclaimed "I'll take her too"....suddenly Makenna was yanked to her feet and taken off the stage to a chorus of gasps from the crowd who obviously never thought she would make the grade. Makenna had no idea what was even happening in her state and felt like she was dreaming as she was taken off to be prepared for the end of the ceremony. Surely she hadn't been actually chosen? it must be a vicious joke meant to punish her family ...but The lady said she 'liked this one'?
Makenna was thrust into a room with Lyric where the beautiful buxom blonde was sat at a vanity correcting her hair. She turned to greet the next girl who was to be her sister in servitude with a huge smile on her face and saw Makenna....her mouth dropped open and she stared at her in disbelief. "you?" she asked "but how...I mean why..." she had no more words and neither did an extremely frustrated Makenna her pussy still throbbed from being denied her climax and she pressed her fingers against her clit as she attempted to cover herself. Lyric looked down and laughed "I wouldn't do that if I were you ...there are strict punishments for cumming without permission". Makenna thought about it, she removed her finger but the truth was she kind of liked the punishment she had just been given. It somehow made her feel alive and like she was...well used to the Lady Raven. She felt owned and it wasn't bad since she had spent most of her life with no one ever wanting to be associated with her let alone claim her as theirs. It was strange but all she wanted to do was be back at her new mistresses feet offering herself up for whatever cruel craving she wanted to fulfil.
Lyric broke the silence again "um...are you ok?" the girl nodded in a trance as she rolled over these new feelings inside her , desperately trying to fathom what was happening "well you better get yourself cleaned up and dressed for the final part of the ceremony" lyric warned as she went back to her hair.

Back out on the stage, Raven was losing interest in the whole debacle. She had already chosen two girls and was eager to get back home and get to know them better and this last girl? She was plain and boring and there was absolutely nothing about her that either turned Raven on or interested her in any way. The girl was obedient and mildly pretty, her body was attractive and she was trained but so were hundreds of other girls she had come across over the years and there was nothing to set her apart from any of them. Raven inspected the girl out of obligation and performed her duty of considering her but after playing with girl a few moments she tapped her bottom with the riding crop and signalled she had seen enough to Miss Mirabelle. She looked over to the scribe and shook her head and the entire room went silent.
Lady Raven had only chosen two girls. The scribe stood open-mouthed clearly not knowing what to do in this situation and the crowd chattered confusedly. The last girl began to cry, let down that she wasn't chosen when she thought it had been such a sure thing, that she had won a place by default almost.
Raven left the stage trying not to laugh at everyone's shock that she had once again defied tradition and only chosen two girls instead of three. She went back to her side room to freshen up in preparation for the ceremony finale. She only had a couple of minutes but it was nice to take a breath from the stage and she used it to gather her thoughts and prepare her ending speech.
Back in the girl's side room Miss Mirabelle was fussing around the two chosen girls primping their hair and spraying their naked bodies with scented perfumes. She went to the closet and pulled out the three outfits that were used every ceremony. She laid them out in front of the girls with reverence and began. “Now girls these are the ceremonial silks. These are worn by the three girls chosen by the Lady every nine years.” She traced her hand over the fine fabric and smiled “they're priceless....”
The two girls looked at each other and widened their eyes. They were beautiful.
“You will notice that each is a different colour...” she continued ”...each colour has its own meaning and is to represent what use you have to the Lady.” Both girls looked at her blankly and shaking her head Miss Mirabelle explained further... “Ok girls the Lady, by tradition, has three main ‘needs’ hence why by tradition she is meant to choose three girls every nine years.” Lyric and Makenna frowned and nodded as they took in this new information. Miss Mirabelle continued “come on girls you should know this!.....the Lady’s three main needs are?” she looked at the confused girls in front of her and sighed making a mental note to spend more time on this subject next time. “The Lady’s main needs ‘by tradition’ are ...number one? ...Lust, she needs to have a girl to play with and satisfy her sexual and emotional needs...this girl wears the red silks commonly referred to as the ‘Pleasure silks’ ...” Miss Mirabelle moved to the second outfit and continued her impromptu lesson. “The black silks are worn by the girl who is chosen for her obedience, stamina and sheer will to survive for she is the girl who will fulfill the Lady’s need to relieve her frustrations and stress, the need to release her anger when the troubles of being Lady of the castle get too much...” She looked at Makenna.....”these are known as the chattel silks” Miss Mirabelle moved on to the last outfit which was a beautiful Royal purple ”...and finally the Purple silks are known as the ‘Muse Silks’ are worn by the girl the fullfils the Lady’s need for conversation and entertainment, this girl is usually chosen for her skills of dancing, singing, poetry....anything that will interest the cuurent Lady of the castle and usually this girl, although extremely seductive will fire the Lady’s mind as well as her body...however this year we seem to be without a Muse....” she trailed off as she stroked the purple silks....”anyhow....” she continued “you will adorn these garments now for the last part of the ceremony....The Lady’s speech and the walk back to the castle with your new Mistress” She smiled and handed the black silks to Makenna and the red ones to Lyric ...”now the wardrobe maids will assist you ...go and get them on quick smart ...and take care of them!” she warned “they will be yours for the next nine years and you will be expected to wear them at various functions throughout your employment” she picked up the purple ‘Muse silks’ and folded them carefully returning them to their dress box as she muttered “who knows who will eventually wear these though...”

Lady Raven stepped back out on to the stage. The crowd were silent seemingly anticipating her explanation of why she did not choose three girls. She looked to Cole still at the back of the room and he gestured to her something that she was sure meant “what the hell are you doing??!” but she smiled apologetically and shrugged her shoulders. The last thing she wanted to do was embarrass her husband but nine years was a long time to spend with a girl she didn't really have an interest in and she was going to take her choices lightly this time. This time she wanted girls who sparked her fire and ignited her curiosity! Last time she had been more concerned with how they could help her bring up tiny children ...this time it was different ....these girls were for her pleasure, her desires.....besides there was no time limit mentioned in this tradition, why should she have to choose them ALL right now? she was the Lady of the land ....of the castle! why, if she wanted to she could go and find her own girl to fill the ‘Muse’ role.
Raven was being introduced again and she snapped back to the matter in hand. “Thankyou my good people” she began and she waited for the applause she stop before she went on “I know that my decision to choose only two girls has come as a shock to a lot of you but may I just say that the position of ‘holder of the Muse Silks’ is still open and I will be taking a thrid girl when I find one suitable however today is still a very special day and is still to be celebrated in honour of the two girls who have been chosen. I am sure they will serve me well and make Miss Mirabelle very proud. My people may I now introduce to you my new ‘holder of the pleasure silks’ Miss Lyric Christison and my new ‘holder of the chattel silks’ Miss Makenna Hurst.” Raven stepped aside and her two new girls ascended the stage and curtsied first to their new Mistress then to the crowd before dropping to their knees at Ravens feet and bowing their heads to cheers from the crowd.
Raven lifted the chin of each of the girls and dropped a kiss on each girls lips before taking their hands and helping them rise, turning them to each side of her like a ballroom dance move where they curtsied again to the crowd and their Mistress before being led off stage to join the procession back to the castle. Cole swooped in and took Raven's hand leading her to the first carriage at the front and whispering to her “well my Darling ...all these years and you still manage to surprise me” She smiled at him as the procession started and she looked back at her new girls in the carriage behind them. They were waving at the crowd and smiling like Cheshire cats, giddy with happiness and excitement about beginning their new lives at the castle. Raven rolled her eyes, laughing she looked back to her husband “my third girl is out there Milord.....I just have to find her” she grinned and sat back in her seat. Cole took her hand and they dutifully waved at the gathered villagers as they returned to the castle.
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